Clean beaches

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Recently we helped Pete and Ellie from who are measuring the amount of plastic washed up on the beaches. Four or five of us collected nearly 10 kilograms in less than two hours, on Hemmick beach, despite this beach being the cleanest I’ve seen it for sixty years.

Most of what we found was small shards of plastic in the seaweed. 70-80% of it from plastic bottles. It takes some 400 years for this plastic to completely deteriorate.  As the plastic breaks down, fish ingest small particles.  So please take your plastic litter home!  

The ‘Plastic tide’ initiative are surveying beaches right round England using drones to create algorithms to monitor from space plastic waste left by us on the shore and in the sea.  This is a great development, not just for Pentewan and other ‘clean’ beaches in Cornwall but for all round the world.  For the full story and more photos of us, go to this linkRichard, Richard's daughter, Robert, Robert, Carolyn and Ellie with our haul for the day.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

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