Narrow Roads

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Visitors to Cornwall are often surprised by the narrow high-sided roads – once bridleways for foot or horse traffic.

This B&Q Lorry driver had a shock in Jan 2017.  Anyone who knows Pentewan, which is accessed by a narrow bridge or steep winding hill will know how impossible this photograph is.  He was stuck for 18 hours.B&Q lorry 20 Jan 2017

Eventually the Council’s road-works people removed some bollards, and he had to be towed part-way up the hill before he could turn this corner.

The driver was using a map, not a sat-nav.  He was on his way to Swindon.  This is not the first time, but it’s the worst!

For most holiday-makers, narrow roads are not too much of a problem. Drive slowly.  Keep to the left. Work out where you are.  Anticipate, and the best beaches and seaside locations open up to you.

Our cottage, The Old Inn, is to the left, below the hill.  The road is passable.  B&Q lorries don’t come up – it leads to nowhere but peace, beauty and contentment.



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